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For a decade I've been a digital project manager and/or producer and have worked on a wide variety of projects. I've been lucky to work with great people on some really cool stuff. Here's a brief glimpse...

BBC Diversity

45 minutes of video, animation and interaction that makes a compelling case for change within the BBC. Neil Oliver explains how diversity is a business case, why diversity will improve the BBC's creative output and how the BBC must reflect the changing face of the UK audience. The content is brought to life through a conceptual narrative based on the BBC logo.

RSPCA Pet Respect

To create a website to engage and educate Key Stage 2 (7-11 years) learners around key issues of pet welfare, with content also localised for the Welsh language.

An HTML website managed via WordPress CMS with embedded Flash content was built to house an extensive collection of interactive activities which were introduced and structured by presenter led video. Users were asked to become part of an online editorial team helping to compile three issues of a fictional e-zine called ‘Pet Respect’ to accompany the real world publication ‘Animal Action’ from RSPCA. Users engage in the e-zines by navigating an office space using hotspots and receive instructions and updates from the editor and deputy editor via their smart phone and tablet.

Each issue of the magazine required the user to complete several interactive activities, the output of which became the content of a dynamically generated PDF. Resources and instructions were made available to teachers and parents in dedicated sections of the site. All of the activities and video content was produced in both English and Welsh. A stand alone version of the resource was developed for RSPCA Education Officers to demo the resource in schools.

The project included scripting, casting and shooting the presenter video in a green screen studio as well as filming RSPCA officers in various locations in England and Wales. Promotional print materials were created for an education trade show at Birmingham NEC which was also attended to assist with demonstrations of the resource.

The Victorians

Requirement: To teach children at Key Stage 2 (7-11 years) how to work like a historian. 

An HTML website developed in .NET with extensive video content featuring two young presenters who guide users through a four step process as they approach a wide range of carefully selected historical objects. An online notebook allows users to make notes against the four steps (Look, Ask, Conclude, Expand) as they investigate sources across six specific elements of the Victorian age - these notes can be downloaded as a pdf document, with options to output this document in a range of plain or decorative styles.

The site makes use of an image viewer and includes quizzes, an interactive map, and a Flash board game for up to four players. The video content has subtitles as well as transcripts and works across iOS devices. As additional support for teachers teaching key stage 2 history, teachers notes were created for each of the six sections and tailored interactive whiteboard packs were made available for download in both Promethean and Smart formats.

As well as web production the project involved working alongside the client to develop the initial scripts, script editing, casting the presenters, and organising and directing the greenscreen shoot.

BBC Upfront

An online course to be deployed on the BBC intranet and taken by all new employees at the BBC. The purpose of the course is to orientate new staff within the organisation and introduce concepts that are further elaborated upon on a face-to-face induction course.

Hosted by celebrity presenters, the course takes users on a journey towards, and then into, a virtual BBC building. Outside the building users learn about BBC audiences and brand values. Above the building users are presented with an overview of the organisational structure it represents. Finally, inside the building users are introduced to the internal workings of the BBC.

Awards: 2009 Training Journal Awards ‘Best E-Learning Programme’; E-Learning Awards 2009 ‘Gold medal - Excellence in the Production of Learning Content - Public Sector’.